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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Tutorial on creating a Bookatrix 70th Birthday Card

This is a card made with the Emboss to Impress 'Bookatrix' Keepsake Card Crafts 2004 Ltd. 

I Started with
  4 Pieces of card - 2 purple & 2 pink
  1 Piece of patterned acetate
  1 Sheet of flower decoupage with matching boarders
  3D Foam tape
  Strip of lace
  Clear glue

  2 paperclips

Bookatrix embossing board
Large ball embossing tool 
Normal scoring board

1st  Take the piece of pink card, the ball tool and Bookatrix embossing board. I placed the card up to one end of the board making sure your work surface is flat. It might help to stick the card to the board with low tack masking tape to hold it in position.
With a large ball tool waxed slightly, I use a tea light candle to wax the ball tool, this ensure it glides over the card; start with ball tool off the card in one of the feeder groves and run onto the card. Be firm, using the large ball tool the card should be OK, but if the ball tool is not large enough the card can tear. Take the ball tool around the 1st ridge of the book once the book is complete remove the card from the board.
2nd. Now cut around the shape of the book and gently fold in half, use the bone folder to curl, shape the book.
3rd Now repeat the 1st & 2nd instruction but for the next size book with Purple card.
4th Again repeat 1st & 2nd instruction but using patterned acetate sheet against the 4th book size
5th With second piece of purple card I measured and cut 1cm wider than the largest book. I then I scored a line 9mm in from the edge of the card to frame the books I turned the card over to have the line embossed rather than de-bossed.

6th Cut the second piece of pink card in half portrait.  With one half of the card repeat 1st & 2nd instructions for the smallest centre book. 
7th With the second piece of pink card 1/2 portrait A4, fold it into 3rds, the last 3rds fold back 1.5cms and stick the rest of that 3rd to near the bottom of the card back. (Click here to see picture
8th When assembling the layers I used 3D foam tape down the centre of each fold, with acetate layer making sure the foam will be under the final layer. Then with the 3 card layers I put a small double layer of foam under the centre of the outer edge slightly pushing up the curve. This gave a lift to pages making it look more 3D. 
To see all the photo' click here!

Linda's Tips: 
1. Using the Bookatrix does take patients, using LARGE BALL TOOL is key.
2. To succeed learning the curves is essential! 
3. Use wax or 'Bounce' tumble dryer sheets, these gentle wiped over the card, to ensure the ball tool glides over the card and this help the ball tool stay in the groove!

To see the completed card click here

Please, Please tell me if you need more help or if what I've said could be improved!
Thank you 
Linda x


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