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Saturday, 14 November 2009

Oh so crafty! Felt Roses, simple, beautiful craft idea!

While I wouldn't make the headband I thought the roses are so easy and beautiful! Such a simple idea I am sure the card makers among us will find a use!

Felted Wool Flowers (Click the link to see photo's sorry could not capture them!)

Here is a photo of the headband being worn by daughter, who was not so keen on having her picture taken...so I snuck up on her. Its the best I could do. Sadly, my photographic skills lack compared to hers. She took the amazing photo, and made my new banner. Check out her other work here.

The inspiration for these roses came from two different sites. the first was Creature Comforts and her tutorial for a paper flower. I made some from paper, and then saw that Betz White had used the same technique on felted wool. The first step is to cut a circle out of your wool.

Starting on the outside edge, start cutting towards the center, making a spiral.

Beginning at the outside of the spiral, start rolling the wool up forming your flower.

I always end up with a tail on the bottom of my flower and I just snip it off with my scissors.

I had been sewing the layers of wool together with neat little stitches, but now just glue them together using a hot glue gun. I all so used the glue gun to attach the flowers to my headband.

Tada! Thats it, you've made a flower!

Posted by Tricia at 9/02/2009 4 comments
Saturday, August 29, 2009
Felted Sweater Headband.

While I don't wear headbands myself, (I have very short hair,) my daughters do wear them and I wanted to make a fall-ish headband for Megan.

The first step was to cut a strip of wool from the bottom of one of my felted sweaters.

Then I trimmed it to 16 1/2" long by 1 1/2" wide. I then tapered the ends by folding the wool in half and measuring down an inch I cut the corners off. (Please excuse my ragged crafters cuticles.)

I then cut 5" of elastic to make the stretchy part of the headband.

With matching thread I made two little rows of stitches to attach the elastic to the ends of the wool.

Then came the fun part. Embellishing. I made a bunch of felted wool flowers and attached them with a glue gun. I stuck a few pearly buttons in too, to brighten things up.

I did a little embroidery on the band as well.

And here we have the finished product. Honestly, the purple flowers looked better in my head than they do in reality, but my Megan deemed it cute, so I'm happy. More importantly, she loves how soft and comfortable the headband is to wear.

Posted by Tricia at 8/29/2009 9 comments


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