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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Easy Homemade Gift Ideas

Easy Homemade Gift Ideas

Shell Magnets

  • Shells from the dollar tree store
  • dry flowers from wal mart
  • sticky magnet strip
  • tacky glue

Take your shell and put glue at the base of the shell. Arrange your flowers in the shell. Place a little shell at the base of the flowers to hide flower stems. Place a piece of magnet strip on the back.

This shell magnet also looks great when you use one of the roll type of shells. You place the glue in the hole and have the flowers coming out of it.

Sand Candles

  • Clean sand (about $4.00)
  • recycled candles
  • shells
  • plastic fish, ocean creatures, etc. (I found them at the dollar tree store) birthday candles paper bowl (or foam)
  • birthday candle

Melt your candles - trying to keep the colors grouped correctly. Fill the bowls 2/3 full with wet sand. Have the kids make a well (they can use their fists, but they need to make it deep or they will have a flat candle). The bottom of the well should be flat. Have the kids place shells, plastic fish, etc. with the "pretty side out in the sand. They are great when they are half in the sand and half out. Pour melted wax in the hole. The sand will work as your mold for the candle.

When the wax seems to set on the top, put in one of the birthday candles. The wax of the candle will melt and mix into the other wax. Now you have your wick. If your birthday candle sticks up too much, push it down a little after 5 minutes. Let set until hard. You will be able to tell. Take out of the sand and brush excess sand off. An old toothbrush works great.

Hope that this gives you some ideas


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