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Sunday, 5 April 2009

Kids Get Crafty

Hi All,
I am just sorting projects for the next Kids Gets Crafty workshop on Thursday 9th & 16th (go to www.kidsgetcrafty.co.uk for more info.) I have a couple of craft idea's for the Kids to do!
A real simple but effective sticking and cutting with a bit of painting excersise.
a. Cut a piece of scrap card, for example from a cereal packet, and cut into the shape of an egg (oval thiner at top) then cover it with tin foil.*
b. Apply poster paint farely thickly over the whole of the shape, you can do more than one colour if you wish.
c.  With a cotton bud draw shapes onto the egg shape, i.e. wiggly lines. This will remove the paint from the foil showing the silver through. Attach a loop of wool of ribbon to the back with sticky tape and the children can decorate for Easter.
* An alternative to tin foil is to cut the Egg shape from coloured card and cover it with cling film and paint with a contrasting colour.
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